Total Market Cap is looking better but we need to stay very cautious trading this bottom. At the moment we have an impressive volume pushing us in the right direction, we started breaking some resistances, some alts already broke their downtrend and it seems that the buying pressure may increase as alts will start retracing (providing better entry points than now) nevertheless nothing is granted.

I’m looking for a confirmation of an Adam and Eve bottom (even if the Eve low is 10% above the Adam low, not really perfect) expecting that should push us out of the broadening wedge (green lines). It may happen soon or not but a pullback from here is quite expected. Using the Total Market Cap we may pullback 10/15% but better not to fall more than that or we may move below our supports (yellow and blue lines) invalidating a move higher in the short term.

Total Market Cap (50MA Yellow, 200MA Red)

Using the VPVR (Volume Profile) we have almost no price action between 150B and 170B, meaning this range can easily be skipped by buyers and sellers, nevertheless we have the 200 Daily MA playing as resistance. Usually we expect some support/resistance from the 50MA and 200MA but breaking them easily also happens often as we can see recently with EOSUSD but sooner or later a retracement happens.

EOSUSD (50MA Yellow, 200MA Red)

For any MA to be a strong Resistance or Support it needs multiple testes and failures. For instance on EOSUSD the 50MA and 200MA are very far from each other and the 50MA is still below the 200MA, so the 50MA will be our next support and the 200MA will remain the resistance (even if it broke, it will likely not last longer).