Genesis Vision

If you don’t know Genesis Vision learn more about it here or here and give it a try (if you like the idea)…

Genesis Vision is a platform for the private trust management market. The platform is built on Blockchain technology uniting exchanges, brokers & traders into one network. Genesis Vision is built on the Ethereum network and utilizes smart contracts for full transparency on investments and profit distribution.

The platform was launched in October 2018 with a fully working version. Since this date the platform has implemented a HUGE number of improvements based on user feedback and continues to develop and tailor the experience for all types of platform users.

The ‘First & Second Wave’ of Genesis Vision Managers by elCryptoNerd
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ETH Bullish or Bearish?

While many people remain worried with ETH Long/Short ratio we may be ending the consolidation period after the biggest correction since inception, almost 95% from top to bottom. The monthly USD chart supports the idea of a potential bottom formed in the last 4 months and potently followed by a strong breakout, nevertheless this may not happen yet.

The daily chart is also quite interesting and a bit Bullish considering price action with some of the following patterns. We shouldn’t forget that ETH trades below the 200Day SMA for almost 290 days (longest period trading below this MA) and sooner or later this should change.


What we need is more price action supporting this idea. Ideally we should break the blue ascending triangle testing $290 or even more, and then find support near $200. If something like this happens we may not revisit prices below 150 because the consolidation was quite extended but we can’t be sure. Anyway, this isn’t financial advice, consider this an idea with probably less than 10% chances to materialize.


Cryptocurrency cross pairs and why they matter

Some new traders/investors will probably focus on USD prices and even experienced traders will sometimes “ignore” other pairs nevertheless we always need to keep an eye on every cross pair available since they all have relevance at some point. Also considering this we may even play with some strange pairs just to find out if any correlation exists.

We could work with many examples but for clarity let’s focus on LTC. In the next chart we can see LTCBTC in yellow and LTCUSD in blue. When BTC is in a Bearish Market for a longer period (2014 and 2018) all alt coins usually follow that price action. Funds move from alts to BTC and fiat currencies (or other stable coins) pushing alts lower and lower but when the trend/market gets Bullish, BTC pairs can enter in correction phases while USD pairs remain quite stable for a longer period. Even in Bull markets the USD and BTC price can fall from time to time but not as much as in a Bear Market. For instance, from July 2015 to February 2017 LTCBTC lost value but LTCUSD consolidated because BTCUSD was slowly increasing in value.

LTCBTC (yellow) vs LTCUSD (blue)

In Bull Markets we have periods when BTC pairs get dormant or lose value because funds start moving/rotating between alts. To understand this rotations we need to look for potential tops and bottoms on cross pairs. Looking at the LTCBTC we can clearly see where LTC lost or gained traction but we also see some interesting things if we use the LTCETH pair (blue line in the chart below).

LTCETH (yellow) vs LTCETH (blue)

In fact, we notice an ascending channel on LTCETH for the last two years and also that every time this pair tested the top of the channel LTCUSD started a new consolidation or correction some weeks after.

Ethereum Monthly Chart Idea

Ethereum is one of the most relevant cryptocurrencies for many reasons, some may argue that EOS, Tron, Ada, NEO or whatever are better versions but none of them have the community Ethereum has. The amount of resources and developers using Ethereum is just impressive and not matched by any other project (not even Bitcoin). Nevertheless charts don’t care about such things…

ETH/BTC Monthly Chart clearly shows a major correction in ETH history. Since inception ETH formed a nice uptrend broken in this Bear Market but the good news is that ETH/BTC finally seems to be pushing above the support. If ETH remains above 0.035BTC for this month we may even retest the top of this TR (Trading Range) this year. Probably sooner than later but we have at least two major resistances, one between 0.04-0.045 and one more near 0.07, each one if and when broken should trigger more FOMO.

Zooming from the Monthly to the Daily we have this very interesting break and we may also have a Golden Cross (50MA – yellow, crossing the 200MA, red)…