If you want to learn concepts and details on specific Cryptocurrencies we suggest a top-down approach starting with Bitcoin, some jargon, cryptocurrency generations, algorithms (PoW – Proof of work, PoS – Proof of stake, …) and so on.

for beginners

We have so many to learn and cryptocurrencies are evolving so fast that is quite impossible to know everything about them. Focus on what matters to you and avoid wasting time monitoring price action at every hour. More you will understand and know about cryptocurrencies less you will care with price.

for geeks …

Many times the underlying technology isn’t even relevant for investors/traders since the fundamentals can be far away from the cryptocurrency price (or value). Cryptocurrencies are very speculative and surges or drops happen with or without news. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) have a major impact on price action. When we think price can’t go higher or lower, it can… neverthless the technology will not vanish.

Stay safe, learn about cryptocurrencies before you invest and don’t even question yourself about Bitcoin relevance. Bitcoin wasn’t only the first cryptocurrency, it is the main cross pair besides the USD, JPY, KRW and some more fiat currencies. Most of the volume happens in Bitcoins and many people don’t even trade against the USD (or equivalent stable coins) unless they need to hedge their positions.