Ethereum is my favourite alt and I keep a close eye on it every single day because it’s also my major investment. Unfortunately since the ICO bashing started Ethereum lost performance nevertheless no other alt have a stronger community, so much development and so many people working on it.


Ethereum is a huge ecosystem and even with other cryptocurrency platforms (EOS, ADA, TRON, and so on), none of them have so much volume, activity and transactions. Sure, Dapps are still far from their major Boom but it will take time for Dapps to explode (5 to 10 years just to start in my opinion).

On the TA side, ETHUSD is also very near the Daily 200SMA and the 61% fib retracement and for that reason (and more) I’m buying more at this levels (220/180). I’m expecting some more ups and downs near 210 before we start pushing higher but if the support is stronger than I’m expecting I don’t want to miss the next leg. At this levels anything can happen we may pump quickly and strongly, we may lag for a while or may even fall below the support (if BTC starts pushing lower and faster than expected).

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