BTC did an amazing Run in the last 6 months. It boosted the confidence and our portfolios but we reached a point where risk management and funds preservation are more important than speculating where we can go in the next years.

I can’t and I will never give advices, everyone invest and trade how they want but I’m pretty happy with this 260% (from December low to this week high). We may or may not push higher, 11.5k or even a bit more is a nice target but from a conservative point of view I have no interest in catching this last few dollars.

First BTC Pullback Scenario, I will publish more scenarios if needed

For the next months I believe we will have a pause testing 9.7k first (this one may easily fail) and then testing 7.4/8.2k and if we fail there testing 6k (but I can be wrong). Since the Libra Coin should stimulate some more debate on cryptocurrencies it’s also quite possible that many governments will take action against private coins like Facebook Coin (Libra) and the whole market may suffer a bit testing 5k (in my worst case scenario) but nothing that worries my Bullish View for the next years.

On the big picture this is only the first leg of a major Bull Run, lasting 2/3 years or more depending on how fast we move. Faster we move, faster we should see another major correction.

Good luck all

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