Yesterday Willy Woo published one more chart, entitled Bitcoin Valuations, with various valuation metrics. This chart is useful for checking how the market is behaving considering some of this valuation metrics nevertheless it will not tell the future as many would like (nothing will). This chart includes, Market Value, Realized Cap, Thermo Cap, Average Cap, Delta Cap, Top Cap and NVT Cap but he didn’t include the Fair Value Market Cap, available on

Bitcoin Price Vs Fair Value

As we can see on this chart the Fair Value is indicating a bottom in formation, not meaning the Lower Low is already achieved, but eventually meaning we reached the last consolidation phase of the Bear Market (It can last months also confirming other valuation metrics).

Besides this valuation metrics we can also use more indicators like the Mayer Multiple or modified versions of this. For instance in the bottom of the following chart I combine a Major Mayer Multiple (using the Total Market Cap instead of BTC) with Bitcoin NVT and both (in this time frame with this parameters) confirm my previous assumption.