Many “preachers” said this for some days/weeks but past price action may be repeating. In 2015/2016 when the market turned Bullish BTC pumped first (with alts flat), this time alts also moved and even faster than BTC, in the first 3 months of the year, but the last 3 months they considerably lost to BTC.

Nonetheless Alts Market Cap (and many alts) started testing some important supports and this is where we should see some strength and even things going higher. Alts have now the possibility to shine while everyone is accepting the fact that BTC isn’t going to 30k this year. It may sound weird for many but its possible (not granted) that alts may have an amazing run in the following months. We probably need some more days or even 2 or 3 weeks before some strong action since it usually starts slowly with alts holding their level, than pushing a bit higher than moving faster and faster until they reach another local top.

Just to give an idea check how it played out in 2015/2016…

Alts Market Cap VS BTC (Orange)
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